Exotic adventure vacations ideas in Armenia

Armenia with it mountains, volcanoes, national reserves, rich flora and fauna, caves and archeological places is definitely the spot to spend exotic adventure vacations.

You'll find wildlife and beautiful scenery here to have unspoiled adventure activities.

4x4 driving, mount biking, skiing and hiking await the adventurous individuals, families and couples, while ancient historical heritage, rich wildlife, natural hot springs, relaxing spas, vineyards, small but nice resorts with beautiful hotels and guesthouses are for exotic adventure lovers. Here are some destinations considered as the most exotic places in Armenia.

Ukhtasar Mountain (3300 meter above sea level), which is located in the Southern Armenia. Here you will see more than 2,000 amazingly decorated rock carvings showing the ancient civilization of Armenian Highland. These petroglyphs, dated back to the Paleolithic Era (12,000 BCE), are carved onto dark brownish-black volcanic stones left behind by an extinct volcano.

Here you will see also one of the youngest volcanoes with its crater and approximately 15 km of Lava flow. Surrounding volcanic lakes and alpine flowers give magical scenery to this area. Another exotic place is famous Areni Cave or Birds Cave, where the oldest shoes and winery (4500 B.C.) in the world have been founded.

So Armenia with it diverse exotic nature and wildlife has a lot to offer and we can help adventurous families and couples to organize their vacations here.