Extreme adventure vacations ideas in Armenia

In Armenia you can have amazing extreme adventurous vacations from 4x4 driving to cycling, horseback riding to camping, hiking to rock climbing and all kinds of winter sports. The mountainous landscape with the peaks up to 4000 meter, extinct volcanoes and craters, rocky canyons strikes awe in the heart of any outdoors and extreme lover.

Families, couples also can explore extreme adventures selecting or ordering the vacation packages customized to fit with their preferences and experiences. Canyon of Noravank in the South of Armenia with high rocks and many caves is the right place for climbing. This national reserve is rich with many animals especially with beautiful Armenian mountain goats.

If you like hiking you have opportunity to seize 4 peaks of Aragats, which is the highest mountain in Armenia (4096 meter). You can enjoy the amazing crater and volcanic lake of this mountain. If you prefer horseback riding we have national parks and forest landscapes in North-Eastern part of Armenia called also Armenian Lesser Caucasus rich with flora and fauna. You want to do 4x4 driving or mount biking you can explore these extreme adventures passing turbulent rivers and getting to the high peaks to enjoy unique historical and archeological monuments.

You like winter sports you have this opportunity spending your adventure vacation in Tsakhkadzor town, which is one of the most beautiful skiing resorts not only in Armenia, but also in the region. So you have good chance to taste real extreme in Armenia.