Sheep Shearing Festival Armenia

Sheep Shearing in Armenia

Sheep shearing in Armenia is not only a way to raise the production of wool products but it has become a unique tradition in the life of people. Sheep shearing festival in Armenia is an annual great fest, which happens in the life of people.

Sheep Shearing Festival 2018

Sheep shearing festival will take place in Khot, at Syunik Animal Market, Syunik Province. This Year it will be held on Saturday, on June 09, 2018. The organizers of this annual festival are Strategic Development Agency NGO (SDA) in cooperation with IDeA Foundation.

Sheep Shearing Festival Meaning

The main goal of the sheep shearing festival is to promote local products and raise their importance, to represent Armenian traditions and culture of the Vayots Dzor and Syunik provinces, to raise the number of the tourists, and in this way to raise the economic development of these regions.

Sheep Shearing Festival Program

The “Sheep Shearing Festival” program includes:

1) Sheep shearing competition among 16 best shearers from the 14 communities of the region.

2) Exhibitions and the market of the products of local manufacturers, delicious food and homemade drinks of the communities.

3) Competitions, games, live music, dancing, rope walking, sports tournaments, interactive games for kids.


Sheep Shearing Festival in Armenia is always a fun, so do not miss it and plan your day with us.

It is a pleasure to give you pleasant memories.


Gardman Tour , 17.04.2018