Where to go in Armenia

As a visitor who wonders where to go in Armenia or what to see you might not necessarily have ever considered the places to visit in Armenia. There are beautiful and high mountains, dense forests and lakes to enjoy, monasteries, fortresses and remote regions to explore. If you are looking for somewhere that will offer a vacation with a difference, Armenia will enthrall and captivate.

What places to visit in Armenia have caught your attention? The gorgeous scenery of the Vorotan River Canyon is what brings most visitors to Tatev and the hikes along, within the canyon offer spectacular views. Or you might be quite surprised to find that one of the reasons to visit Armenia is the beach.

Each brief but hot summer, the south side shore of beautiful Lake Sevan becomes a veritable Riviera, where everyone flocks to enjoy the sun and the turquoise water. Or you want to have more culture and history packed into a small area,

Debed Canyon is one of the great attractions of Armenia. And more and more such a magic places can be listed. So come with us as we offer numerous great places to visit in Armenia.

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