About Gardman Tour

“Gardman Tour” LLC is an Armenian tour operator organizing and implementing various services and activities in the tourism sector inbound and outbound of Armenia.

Our company is one of the leading adventure tour operators in Armenia. We are a team of adventure fans that have traveled a lot in Armenia and know a lot of exciting routes and places to show. Armenia is one of the best places for adventure travel, as it is unique with its diverse landscape and nature, its history and culture, and, of course its people, hospitality and traditions.

Our travel agency implements adventure tours in Armenia and also offer combined regional trips in Armenia-Karabakh and Armenia-Georgia.

Leading Armenian adventure tour operator

We deliver a large selection of adventure tours such as off-road, hiking, trekking, mount biking as well as historical-cultural tours, which are rich with admiring nature, ancient historical sites and incredible experiences. The company’s activities include organization of trips by ordinary and off-road vehicles, provision of meal in restaurants, taverns, B&Bs, villages and in nature, overnight in hotels, guest-houses and tents, guiding and support services, as well as design and implementation of complete packages of classical and adventure tours. Our company offers individual and group tours on regular basis, as well as customized to fit the tourists’ preferences and desires.

Mainly specializing in the sector of adventure tourism the company offers various trips with different length and orientation, including camping in the nature, communication with local population and introduction to their customs and traditions. Also city tours are considered to be one of the most important parts in our adventure and classical tours.

Yerevan city tour is one of the most interesting tours as it includes all main historical, cultural sightseeing of Yerevan. Tourists can also enjoy the modern Yerevan. The other important direction of our travel agency is outbound tourism, within the framework of which the company establishes business relations with foreign tour operators and acts as a travel agent for promotion and sale of their tours.

The company offers a broad and mutually beneficial cooperation with Armenian and foreign tour operators and also will be happy to expand its network of business relationships in the process of development of overnight, food, transportation and other high-quality services related infrastructure, for promoting the organization and implementation of high-quality and effective tours for foreign and local tourists.

Our office is located in Yerevan city center, in the backyard of Khanjyan and Sayat Nova streets intersection. For detailed information related to tour packages, their description, prices and other activities please visit "Contacts" section of our website.

Our Staff

We are sure that the most important factor for the success of our company is devoted and professional staff. We continuously travel through Armenia, explore new trails, design and test new routes, get acquainted with local population, and establish business relationships for overnight, meal, as well as for local guiding services.

Cooperation with our foreign partner organizations, especially with international tour operators, allows us to get acquainted with international experience on tours development and implementation and better understand tourists' requirements and expectations.

Our Staff:

Haik Maghakyan,
Email: director@gardmantour.com
Tel.: +374 98 400 663

Artak Maghakyan,
Deputy Director
Email: artak@gardmantour.com
Tel.: +374 98 400 662

Nazeli MheryanNazeli Mheryan,
Chief Accountant
Email: nazeli@gardmantour.com
Tel.: +374 91 427 012

Anna Chakmishyan,
Outgoing Tour Manager
Email: outgoing@gardmantour.com
Tel.: +374 94 919 819

Narek Seyranyan,
Tour Development Manager
Email: narek@gardmantour.com
Tel.: +374 77 93 91 99

David AramyanDavid Aramyan,
Internet Marketing Manager
Email: david@gardmantour.com
Tel.: +374 91 45 70 80

Mher Arshakyan

Mher Arshakyan,
Email: mher@gardmantour.com
Tel.: +374 99 53 22 27

Hakob HakobyanHakob Hakobyan,
USA Branch Manager
Email: hakob@gardmantour.com
Tel.: +1 818 966 8578

 Mushegh MargaryanMushegh Margaryan,
Russia Branch Manager
Email: mushegh@gardmantour.com
Tel.: +7 910 00 34 876