8 March International Women's day in Armenia


Every year on March 8, the whole world celebrates International Women's Day. However, initially this holiday did not appear as a day honouring the females, but as the day of women revolutionaries.

History of this day

After all, the history of International Women's Day begins with the “march of empty pots”, which was organized on March 8, 1857, by textile workers in the city of New York.

Tired of inequality and harsh working conditions, women demanded higher wages, better working conditions and equality. Of course, the demonstration was quickly dispersed, but they still managed to make some noise. This event became known as Women's Day.

The first celebration of Women’s day

For the first time, International Women's Day was held on March 19, 1911, in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland. But in 1912, this day was celebrated not on March 19, but on May 12. In 1913, it turned out to be completely mixed: in Germany, they celebrated on March 12, in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Holland - on March 9, in France - on March 2.

On March 8, the celebration began spontaneously only from 1914. Since then, it was fixed on this date. 

The way of celebration in Armenia 

This day in Armenia is usually celebrated in the family circle, with friends or relatives. The celebration without traditional flowers for representatives of female gender does not do. Men try to pay attention to every important woman in their life: mother, sister, grandmother, beloved. On this day, compliments and toasts are heard everywhere.

Also, often on this day, women receive offers of the hand and heart, which makes this day memorable. Visit Armenia with Gardman Tour and let’s discover Armenian traditions, customs and holidays together!

Gardman Tour, 13.02.2019