Alcoholic Drinks You Should Try in Armenia


Armenia is a country where everyone feels at home. Traditions, family values and religion are honoured in this land. Like a magic fairyland with a variety of fabulous wealth, Armenia is full of all wonders! 

It is necessary to discover Armenia and it will amaze you with all its treasures! If you are an artist or a lover of ancient architecture; a gourmet who loves good food and drinks; a photographer who is looking for worthy landscapes for his masterpieces - come to Armenia! There you will find everything: the overwhelming hospitality, the beauty of nature, and unique alcoholic drinks that can be tasted only in Armenia.

Alcoholic drinks of Armenia

Armenian Brandy

Speaking of Armenia, it is impossible not to recall the legendary alcoholic beverage of Armenia. Frankly speaking, it should be noted that the famous drink received official permission to be called “cognac” as far back as in 1900. Today, six varieties of grapes are cultivated in the territory of Armenia for the manufacture of His Majesty cognac. One of the most famous and beloved creations, of course, is the legendary “Ararat”.

Armenian wine

It is not a secret that the history of winemaking in Armenia has more than 4,000 years of history. Today, more than 600 varieties of grapes are cultivated in the legendary Ararat valley.

An incredible variety of climatic zones and relief forms make a bouquet of alcoholic drink of Armenia, which has no analogues in the whole world! 
Over three hundred sunny days a year, the berries completely ripen, and wonderful examples of wine art are born. 

The collection of wine in Armenia varies from strong and light semi-sweet and “sherry” drinks to muscats, etc. 

Mulberry Oghi

Mulberry Oghi, known as Tti Oghi, a drink from fermented mulberry juice with strength from 40% to 80%, is considered to be a pride in Armenia. But there is another unusual representative from the family of alcoholic beverages in the country - abrikon. This is a 44% alcohol product made from apricots grown in the Ararat valley. According to the production technology, the drink is similar to brandy. 

If you are in Armenia, be sure to try this delicacy and buy a bottle as a luxurious souvenir. Have a nice trip! Take our Alco-Gastronomic Journey to Armenia and enjoy Armenian alcoholic drinks!

Gardman Tour, 06.03.2019