Discover the spectacular places of Armenia and Georgia

Gardman Tour invites adventure lovers to exciting combined tours to Armenia and Georgia.

These are two countries with a rich ancient culture, wondrous nature, centuries-old traditions, delectable cuisine, kind-hearted people and, of course, noble wines.

We’ll make Georgia and Armenia tour to superb medieval monasteries and churches, and enjoy the extraordinary mountains and rivers of the South Caucasus.

Classic tours to Georgia and Armenia – captivating sights of Armenia

In Armenia, many well-preserved ancient temples and monasteries contrast with the churches of modern buildings. A huge number of museums, scattered throughout the territory of Armenia, opens up completely new aspects for a tourist who is unfamiliar with the country's history. Especially for you, we have compiled a list of popular places in Armenia.

Goshavank Monastery is one of the most popular attractions in Armenia. This is a medieval complex surrounded by dense oak forests. No walls were erected around the monastery, so it is surrounded by simple rural buildings. Here you won’t see fancy decorative elements, but it has rigor and minimalism.

During Armenia-Georgia combined classic tours, don’t forget to walk along the coast of Lake Sevan. This water reservoir is located 8 kilometers from the city of Gavar at an altitude of 1900 meters

In the vicinity Lake Sevan, you can get acquainted with the ancient architecture of such monasteries as Sevanavank, Ayrivank, Vanevan, Kotavank. The calm water surface and the surrounding landscape will remain forever in your pleasant memories.

Historical sights of Armenia have always attracted a large number of tourists. The Museum of Ancient Manuscripts in Yerevan is worthy of heading the list of places that should be visited in Armenia. You can see the first translations of the Bible into Armenian, works on medicine, geometry, history in Matenadaran.

During Georgia and Armenia tour, visit Khor Virap. Near Mount Ararat rises the ancient monastery of Khor Virap. Two popular attractions complement each other. According to legend, the ark of Noah ran aground on Mount Ararat. Khor Virap is located on the territory of the former capital of Armenia: Artashat.

The foundation of the monastery is an underground prison, where the king imprisoned St. Gregory the Illuminator for a period of 15 years. After the adoption of Christianity by Armenia, Khor Virap Monastery became the center of spiritual development. Today Khor Virap is considered one of the most frequently visited places for pilgrimage.

Tatev Monastery is a whole complex of monasteries, located 20 kilometers from the village of Goris. For many centuries, the complex was the main focus of spirituality in the historical region of Armenia, Syunik.

This complex is a real treasure for the tourist. Here is the habitat of the monks Tatevi Anapat, suspended rope route "Wings of Tatev", a natural bridge and a cave. 

Don't disregard the Armenian Genocide Museum in Yerevan. The museum was opened in 1995 for the 80th anniversary of the terrible tragedy that Armenians mourn to this day. About 1.5 million Armenians were exterminated in the period 1915-1918. Armenian Genocide Museum was founded in memory of this tragedy.

Armenian Genocide Museum is built on a mountain, on its very slope. From the roof of the museum complex, there is a magnificent view of Mount Ararat. The building is completely submerged in the ground. As planned, it should be a tomb, and its internal structure - the circles of hell.

During excursions to Armenia and Georgia, visit Smbataberd fortress which is located to the east of the village Artabuink of Vayots Dzor district. Smbataberd is located on a hill. It's a medieval fortification complex, built on the site of an observation post of the 5th century. Most historians believe that the fortress was named in honor of Prince Smbat Orbelyan - the ruler of the XIII century. 

The enemies didn't know that a secret water supply was brought to the fortress, and inside there were many warehouses with supplies of provisions. In this regard, difficult times managed to survive.

Sanahin Monastery is one of the most inaccessible beauties of Armenia. However, you have to overcome about two kilometers on foot. The location of the monastery was chosen deliberately. Here were hiding monks who wanted to avoid the disfavor of the Byzantine ruler. Erected in the 10th century, the monastery was later not only a place of residence for worshipers but was also a school and an academy. 

In the north, Armenia is bordered by Georgia, a country where hospitable people live, where wine flows like water and mountain landscapes are so beautiful! During travelling to Caucasus, think about visiting Georgia and make Armenia-Georgia combined classic tours. Read about the sights of Georgia and be inspired to continue your journey through the Caucasus region!

Excursions to Armenia and Georgia – glorious sights of Georgia

The natural sights of Georgia are high and majestic mountains with snow-capped peaks, crystal clear mountain lakes, turbulent rivers and waterfalls, as well as an unusual variety of vegetation. Different cultures, customs, and religions are intertwined in Georgia, and everyone will find something close and interesting for themselves here. Study the list of sightseeings of Georgia and relax with pleasure!

The historical part of Tbilisi is located at the foot of the Mtatsminda Mountain. Be sure to walk through these old winding streets, explore the sulfur baths, visit the fortress Narikala and botanical garden.

In the area of Metekhi, where the river Kura narrows, the ancient temple Metekhi and a monument to the founder of Tbilisi, Vakhtang Gorgasali, are located.

In the center of Tbilisi, on Mount Mtatsminda, is located one of the most famous sights of Georgia - Narikala fortress, which means "impregnable." 

The holy, truly iconic place for Georgians is the city of Mtskheta located 20 km from the Georgian capital. Mtskheta is often called the “Second Jerusalem”. Mtskheta is the city of shrines, to which pilgrims from all over the world are coming.

Among the attractions of Georgia located in Mtskheta are Jvari Monastery, Svetitskhoveli Orthodox Church and cathedral, Samtavro functioning convent erected in the 11th century, Shio-Mgvime which is a functioning monastery of the 6th century with numerous monastic cells dug in the caves of the mountains.

In Georgia, as a country of majestic mountains, a special kind of art has historically formed - carving the buildings of temples, fortresses and even entire cities in the rocks. Thus, the object of such an unusual architecture was another attraction of Georgia - the ancient city of Vardzia located near the border with Turkey.

In the middle of Tbilisi in 2010, a unique structure appeared - a modern bridge across the Kura River (Mtkvari), which connected the two banks as two historical eras. The bridge of the world has become one of the most modern sights of Georgia, which is loved by both locals and visitors of the city.

During Armenia-Georgia combined classic tours, make a visit to Uplistsikhe or literally translated "Fortress of God" which is a unique sight of Georgia, an ancient architectural monument, and cave city. It is located 75 km from Tbilisi and 12 km from Gori.

Not far from the village of Samadlo, 16 kilometers from Tbilisi, there is an ancient monument of religious culture - the monastery of Betania. The oldest religious landmark of Georgia is located in the gorge of the Vera River. 

During classic tours to Georgia and Armenia, you can admire one of the highest and most beautiful peaks of the Caucasus - Mount Kazbek, located right on the Georgian-Russian border. The landscapes of Kazbek are extraordinarily beautiful. 

At the very foot of the mountain Kazbek, in the village of Gergeti, is located the Trinity, or Gergeti church. This is one of the structures from which begins the acquaintance with the cultural heritage of Georgia.

In the Georgian city of Zugdidi is a landmark of Georgia, which became the pride of the entire city. This is the palace of Dadiani, the residence of the Megrelian rulers of the Dadiani family. The palace is full of treasures, among which the most valuable is the death mask of Napoleon

You'd definitely visit the oldest district of Tbilisi - Metekhi, located between the Avlabari district and the Old Town. This area is full of old buildings, but its main attraction is the eponymous temple of the 12th century, located on a cliff, offering a wonderful view of the capital.

If your route runs through Kutaisi, visit the Gelati Monastery. The ensemble of the Gelati Monastery consists of 3 temples and a bell tower. At 50 meters from the church fence, a life-giving holy source begins. 

Within the framework of excursion in Adjara make a trip to the highest waterfall in the region - Makhunceti. The thundering water falls from a 30-meter height into the canyon. So, not far from the waterfall is the arched bridge, built about 900 years ago, during the reign of Queen Tamar. 

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