Armenia internet providers and Mobile Services


While planning your tour to Armenia it is necessary to know more about Armenian internet providers and prepaid sim cards though communicating and finding free Wi-Fi is not a problem in Armenia. Roaming is an expensive pleasure so we offer you some Mobile services in Armenia which will be cheaper and with higher quality in Armenia. Today in Armenia there are 3 major mobile network operators, they are Beeline, VivaCell MTS and Ucom.

Armenia internet providers

There are too many internet providers in Armenia, so it becomes a problem how to choose the trusted provider with the best internet speed and price. So we will represent to your attention the prices of the major internet providers.

Ucom U!Daily prepaid mobile internet

This package is too convenient for tourists as you can use the mobile internet without a monthly fee and only when you wish.

Daily fee - 250AMD = nearly $0,52

High-speed internet inclusion high - speed internet of 500 MB

VivaCell BIT1 prepaid mobile internet

VivaCell MTS offers you a cheaper variant of the daily internet but with 200 MB:

Daily fee100AMD = nearly $0,21

High-speed internet inclusion high - 200MB/day

Activation code - *777*1#

Beeline “Mobile Internet Pro” prepaid mobile internet

Beeline Armenia has another offer for prepaid daily mobile internet:

Daily fee150 AMD = nearly $0,31

High-speed internet inclusion high - 60 MB per day

Prepaid sim card Armenia

You can find sim card in any service spots of Ucom Armenia, VivaCell MTS, Beeline Armenia. The sim cards usually cost from 500AMD = nearly $1,04 up to 1000AMD = nearly $2,09 (the money will appear on your balance later) you can recharge your account and use it endlessly.

Ucom Armenia prepaid sim card

Once you want to check your balance on your mobile, you can dial *133# and push the call button. So you will get the needed information.

Here are some Ucom Armenia service spots near the city centre:

Address: 12 Tigran Mets Ave, Yerevan 0010
Address: 40/1 Sayat-Nova Ave Yerevan 0025, 40/1 Sayat-Nova Ave, Yerevan 0025
Address: 2 Teryan St, Yerevan 0009
Address: 16-115 Manandian street, Yerevan 0046
Address: 5a Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan 0015

VivaCell MTS Armenia prepaid sim card

If you want to check your current tariff plan for prepaid clients, you should dial *131*001# and push the call button.

Some VivaCell MTS service centres near the city centre:

Address: 6/14 Northern Ave.
Address: 3 Amiryan St.
Address: 18/23 Tigran Mets Ave.
Address: 24/4 Azatutyan Ave.

Beeline Armenia prepaid sim card

Balance check for prepaid payment system subscribers is *102#.

Here are some Beeline Armenia service centre locations near the city centre:

Address: 3 Amiryan St, Yerevan 0010
Address: 4 Northern Ave, Yerevan 0001
Address: 26 Komitas Ave, Yerevan
Address: 25/27 Tigran Mets Ave, Yerevan 0018

Armenia will open its doors in front of anyone and it does not matter whether you have the money or not, you will have free water, free Wi-Fi nearly everywhere, free shelter if you have a tent, free food if you participate in Armenian festivals and free smiles and hugs if you are sad. 

Gardman Tour, 30.07.2018