Armenia visa for Filipino in Dubai


Are you ready for the most interesting adventure in your life? Do you plan to travel to Armenia from Dubai? Are you interested in Armenia visa for Filipino in Dubai? Then this article is going to be too important to you. 

Armenia visa for Filipino in Dubai

Getting an Armenian visa for Filipino is a very easy task as you can get a visa on your arrival in Armenia and you do not need any supporting documents for doing that. All you need to do is:
1. to fill in the visa application form
2. to pay for the visa in Armenian Dram (there is an exchange counter at the airport you can)
3. to submit your passport and application form, pay 3000 AMD (nearly $6.2) in the visa application counter.

Armenia visa cost

 If you want to have an Armenian visa which will be valid for 21 days and which is considered to be a single entry visa, then you should pay 3000 AMD (nearly $6.2). It is not too much.

Do you need to apply for eVisa?

Frankly speaking, applying for eVisa is a waste of time as it is more convenient to get an Armenian visa while you arrive at the airport. Besides that, an eVisa application requires many supporting documents which are not required for the simple Armenian visa at the airport.

 Dubai to Armenia flight time

 The non-stop flight from Dubai to Armenia lasts nearly 3 hours and 10 minutes. The distance from Dubai to Yerevan is nearly 1940 kilometres.

 Dubai to Armenia cheap flights

 To tell you the truth, in general, the prices of Dubai to Armenia air tickets are not so sky-high, they are rather cheap. Anyone can afford to come to Armenia and to enjoy his/her vacation here. Today the cheapest price for non-stop flight is nearly $299, so hurry up!
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