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Due to its geopolitical location with access to Europe and Asia, Armenia is the bearer of European and Eastern cultural traditions, which speaks of its uniqueness.

Armenian Culture

Armenia is rightfully called one of the cradles of world civilization. At the root of the Armenian culture, you can find the culture of the Urartian civilization. The heritage of Urartu includes fortress cities, cuneiform tablets and irrigation systems unique to the ancient world. In the period of the 4th century BC up to the 3rd century AD Armenian culture developed under the influence of Hellenism.

Armenia’s contribution to world culture is impressive. One of the most important components of the Armenian cultural heritage is the unique art of making cross stones - khachkars.

Crosses made out of huge stone slabs, symbolizing the victory of Christ over death, are made in Armenia from the 4th century to the present day.

The works of the masters of Momik, Vardan and many others can be seen in monasteries throughout Armenia. The largest collection of khachkars can be found in Noratus.

Armenian Art

In the Middle Ages, the art of painting developed mainly as a miniature book that adorned manuscripts and frescoes. The drawings depicted Christ, the Mother of God and biblical scenes, created on the basis of late Antique traditions. 

Artists used light and bright colours of yellow, orange and red tones in their artwork. The figures of the saints were depicted in canonical poses according to Christian iconography. 

Armenian artistic ceramics, fabrics, lace and carpets received worldwide fame. The art of carpet making originated in Armenia in ancient times. Masters made carpets decorated with various patterns, in the plots of which figures of dragons and eagles were used, later they began to use images of a cross and slender trees, as well as floral and geometric patterns.

Art Tour in Armenia

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