Armenian Family Values | Armenian traditions and customs


Everyone knows what a traditional Armenian family is: the father is the head of the family, the wife is a faithful helper, and the children are clever angels. But modern families are different from traditional ones.

Armenian family

The Armenian family is a state in the state. On the territory of the apartment in which the Armenians live, their own laws reign. In the family Armenian father is the king of the family. 

Who rules in Armenian family?

According to the unwritten laws of the mountains, the opinion and desire of the head of the family – father, is law and is not negotiable.
But there is one thing: the so-called “Hidden matriarchate” reigns in Armenian families — nothing will happen without the consent and approval of the wife. But proud men never admit it out loud.

Progressive and the majority of Armenians believe that a woman can work only if she wants to. And earning money should be exercised exclusively by men. The destiny of a woman is to keep an eye on the home and bring up children.

Children in Armenian families

Children in Armenian families are a part of another story. The girls are the “princesses” and “beauties” for Armenian fathers who will do everything for them. But the attitude towards the Armenian boys is not so soft and sweet.

The father’s duty is to raise a real man, a protector, and this cannot be achieved through constant sweet care. So the standard childhood of an Armenian boy consists of punishment, physical work, long monologues by their fathers and so on.

Armenian hospitality

There are legends about the hospitality of the Armenian people all over the world. On any occasion of joy, happiness or even sadness, it is necessary to set the table for your relatives and friends: at home, at work, etc.

Be sure to drink and eat - if you do not do this, then you will offend the housewife who prepared all the food. The more often you lay the table (for any reason), the more will return to you – this is the truth that the Armenians believe in.

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