Armenia Calendar 2018 with Holidays

Public Holidays Armenia 2018

Armenian holidays and traditions

Armenian history goes to the ancient times: Armenian holidays and tradition are also too ancient. Armenians strictly respect and honor their holidays and traditions. We represent the list of the holidays and traditions in Armenia as once you are in Armenia, you should know the interesting dates concerning this country.

Armenian Calendar 2018 with holidays

Here is a list of some national, observance and seasonal holidays:


Jan 1    Monday            New Year's Day                      National holiday
Jan 2    Tuesday           New Year's Day (Day 2)          National holiday
Jan 3    Wednesday      New Year's Day (Day 3)          National holiday
Jan 4    Thursday          New Year's Day (Day 4)          National holiday
Jan 5    Friday               Armenian Christmas Eve         National holiday
Jan 6    Saturday          Armenian Christmas Day         National holiday
Jan 28    Sunday          Army Day                                 National holiday


Feb 6    Tuesday          Translators' Day                       Observance
Feb 8    Thursday         Feast of Saint Vartan               Observance
Feb 14    Wednesday   Valentine's Day                        Observance


Mar 8    Thursday         International Women's Day      National holiday
Mar 20    Tuesday        March equinox                          Season
Mar 30    Friday           Good Friday                              Observance
Mar 31    Saturday       Holy Saturday                           Observance


Apr 1    Sunday            Easter Sunday                          National holiday
Apr 2    Monday           Easter Monday                          Observance
Apr 7    Saturday         Motherhood and Beauty Day     Observance
Apr 24    Tuesday       Genocide Remembrance Day    National holiday


May 1    Tuesday        Labour Day/May Day                 National holiday
May 8    Tuesday        Congress                                   Observance
May 9    Wednesday   Victory and Peace Day              National holiday
May 28    Monday       Republic Day                             National holiday


Jun 1    Friday            Children's Day                            Observance
Jun 17    Sunday        Fathers' Day                               Observance
Jun 21    Thursday     June Solstice                              Season


Jul 5    Thursday        Constitution Day                         National holiday
Jul 8    Sunday           Vardavar                                     National holiday


Sep 1    Saturday       Knowledge and Literature Day   Observance
Sep 21    Friday         Independence Day                     National holiday
Sep 23    Sunday       September equinox                    Season


Oct 31    Wednesday Halloween                                  Observance


Dec 7    Friday           Spitak Remembrance Day         Observance
Dec 21    Friday         December Solstice                     Season
Dec 31    Monday      New Year's Eve                          National holiday

Armenian holiday today

Today is the 9th of May, Armenians call this day a triple holiday. On the 9th of March in 1945 Armenia in the Soviet Union won the Second World War against Germany. On the 9th of May in 1992 an operation named ‘'Wedding in the mountains'' was organized at the result of which Armenians took their land Shushi back. In 1992 on the 5th of May (though Armenians celebrate it on the 5th of May) the army of Artsakh was created as one.

Today we can also add a new holiday to the ones mention above: it is the victory of Armenian Velvet Revolution. Visit Armenia and be sure a new era in the life of Armenians is open now - a new and developed country is going to welcome you!

Gardman Tour,  09.05.2018