Armenian Traditional Dresses

Each traditional clothing characterizes the nature of people and their lifestyle.

Armenia also has rich traditional clothing’s types. “Taraz” word has many meanings: dress, wear, look, fashion. Traditional dresses are expressing Armenian ethnic environment, cultural identity and climatic conditions. 

A history of traditional TARAZ

Basically, traditional dress consisted of wool and cotton. Then Armenians started to import silk from China, from which sew clothing for rich people.  

The colors have a special significance in the Armenian Taraz. According to the 14th century, Armenian philosopher Grigor Tatevatsi interpreted the 4 colors and elements of the Taraz. The black is the symbol of earth, the white - of the water, the red - of the air and the yellow is the symbol of the flame.

The taraz could tell many things about the person. It was possible to determine whether the person is married or single, or how many children they have.

Women's TARAZ

The women’s dress has accented with elements, compositions, and jewelry. For example, woman’s apron has been decorated with the tree of life, which is expressed their modesty and gentleness. Also, the dress might have other goods such as pitchers, bowls, scissors used in her lifestyle. 

The traditional clothes were decorated with necklaces and bracelets made from silver or gold. A married woman wears a headdress that covered with silver or gold coins and balls. 


The men’s apparel consists of two components. The jacket or shirt was long-sleeved, with a collar decorated with embroidery and the trousers were very comfortable. A silver belt has shown his maturity and a golden was a symbol of his wealth

Nowadays, national design elements are presented in fashion, that reminds us of their rich history. Also, taraz is used in the national dance groups as a traditional dress.