Best shopping in Yerevan, Armenia - Malls in Yerevan

Shopping in Armenia

Armenia is an ideal place for doing shopping. Here you will find the best malls, unique gift shops, the oldest cognac stores, the tastiest food.

Shopping for food in Armenia

There are many markets and supermarkets all over Armenia, which will provide you with food. Here is a list of supermarkets where you can find all types of organic food.

Supermarkets in Armenia

1. SAS Supermarket

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone for delivery: (010) 538888

2. VAS Supermarket

Hours: 8:30AM–1AM

Phone for delivery: (010) 562056

3. Yerevan City Supermarket

Hours: Open 24 hours

Phone for delivery: (010) 711402

4. Nor Zovq Supermarket

Hours: 8AM–12AM

Phone for delivery: (010) 543107

Shopping for clothes in Armenia

Clothing stores in Yerevan Armenia

1. Stradivarius

Address: Yerevan Mall, Arshakunyats, 34

Hours: 10AM–10PM

2. Corneliani

Address: 3 Northern Ave

Hours: 11AM–8PM

3. Stefano Ricci

Address: 3 Northern Ave

Hours: 11AM–8PM

4. Via Artis

Address: 31 Tumanyan St

5. «Next»

Address: 13 Amiryan St

Hours: 11AM–10PM

6. Celio

Address: 24 Tumanyan St

Hours: 11AM–8PM

Malls in Yerevan

1. Rossia Mall

Address: 0010, 20 Tigran Mets Ave

Hours: 10AM–10PM

2. Yerevan Mall

Address: 34 Arshakunyats Ave

Hours: 10AM–10PM

3. Tashir

Address: 33 Movses Khorenatsi Street

Hours: 10AM–9AM

4. Metronome Shopping Center

Address: 6 Kajaznuni St

Hours: 10AM–10PM

5. Dalma Garden Mall

Address: 3 Tsitsernakaberd Hwy

Hours: 10AM–10PM

6. Rio Mall

Address: 8 Vahram Papazyan St

Hours: 10AM–10PM

Shopping for gifts in Armenia

1. PreZent Store

Address: 18 Mesrop Mashtots Ave

Hours: 11AM–8PM

2. LUXE Gifts & Home Décor

Address: 9 Tumanyan St

Hours: 11AM–8PM

3. Dalan Souvenir Store

Address: 12 Abovyan Street 1Floor

Hours: 10AM–11PM

4. Yerevan Vernissage

Address: Aram Street

Hours: 7AM–6PM

Shopping for alcohol in Armenia

Alcohol shops in Armenia

1. Noyan Tapan

Address: Grigor Lusavorich Street

Hours: 9AM–9PM

2. ArmAs Wine Shop

Address: Abovyan St

Hours: 10AM–10PM

3. Avshar Wine

Address: 58 Charents St

4. Yerevan Brandy Company

Address: Isakov Ave, 2, 2 Admiral Isakov Ave

Hours:     9AM–6PM

Saturday    Closed

Sunday    Closed

5․ Yerevan Noy Wine Brandy Vodka Factory

Address: 9 Argishti St

Hours: 9AM–6PM

Saturday    Closed

Sunday    Closed

6. Proshyan Brandy Factory

Address: Ashtarak Highway

What to bring back from Armenia

Armenia is a holy land where you can find various things to take to your homeland. The best thing which is the pride of Armenia is Armenian cognac. Other souvenirs also can be found in Armenian shops.

Come to Armenia and take a piece of Armenia with you!

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