What are the best things about being Armenian?


Armenia, a land full of hidden beauty and ancient history, there is so much to see and do. Are Armenians hospitable? Are Armenians good people? Let’s discover together.

What is Armenia best known for

1. Being the first Christian nation.
2. Having an old history.
3. Being a strong nation which survived even 1915 Armenian Genocide by the Turkish government.
4. Being a powerful and peaceful nation to do a Velvet Revolution without a single death.
5. Having so many interesting places to visit.
6. Having a unique alphabet.
7. Being a kind and hospitable nation.
8. Being too smart.
9. Having unique traditions and customs.
10. Being too talented and creative.

Bad things about Armenia

1. Armenia has no sea (although Lake Sevan is as big as a sea)
2. During the last 20 years there was too much corruption in Armenia (fortunately the new government is getting rid of it step by step)
3. There is so much to see and do in Armenia that ten days will be a short period for visiting Armenia.

Facts about Armenian culture

1. Some Armenian festivals and traditions can be considered rude in other countries. For example, Sheep Shearing festival in Armenia is a festival, but in European countries, it will be considered a crime against the poor animal. 
2. Armenians (especially men) are so kind that they will surely give their sit to an elderly or a woman in the bus, but in Europe, it will seem rude of them.
3. Nearly every tasty food has its own festival: Khorovats Festival (barbecue made in a unique way by Armenian men), Harissa festival, Gata festival and so on.
4. Armenians drink water coming from the tap. Besides that, you can find pulpulaks (fountains of drinking water) everywhere.

Armenian people

Armenians are an Indo-European ethnic group of people. The name Armenia and Armenians came from the neighbouring countries of ancient Armenia. Armenia date around the 6th century BC. In the 517 BC inscription, Darius I the Great of Persia refers to Urashtu as Armina.

It is fantastic to be Armenian, it is twice fantastic to be the host of an Armenian! So come to Armenia, feel the positive energy of Armenians and come back soon!

Gardman Tour, 27.08.018