Carpet Festival 2018 in Armenia


Armenian carpet bears a fantastically old history. Armenians are too handy and one of their strong points is carpet creation. Let’s discover more about Armenian rugs and Carpet Festival 2018 in Armenia.

Armenian Carpet (Rug)

The term Armenian carpet refers to tufted rugs, knotted carpets made in Armenia or by the Armenians since pre-Christian times up to the present time. There is a huge variety of carpets in Armenia and one can surely choose one to satisfy his demands of beauty.

Armenian Carpet History

The tradition says that Armenians used carpets to cover their floors, decorate the house, the walls, the beds, chairs, sofas and tables. Now Armenians still use carpets as a means of decoration even in their churches.  For every Armenian family, carpet is a must!

Armenian handmade rugs

Armenia is rich in handmade rugs of different type and size. One can surely find the most suitable carpet for him. Besides being a beautiful accessory for your house, carpet also bears Armenian traditions and customs.

Carpet Festival Armenia

Carpet festival in Armenia is an annual event. During this festival, artists show their carpets to the attention of the public and people of the country, tourists have a great chance to see, compare and choose a carpet close to his heart and home interior.

Carpet Festival Armenia 2018

This year, in 2018, Carpet Festival is going to take place on the 8th of September. The place was chosen Dilijan, Tavush Province, a city with fantastic nature and wonderful spirit.

Let’s have fun together, let’s find out more about holy Armenia!

Gardman Tour, 20.07.2018