Cost of living in Yerevan, Armenia

Cost of living in Yerevan, Armenia

Armenia is a country where you can live not having much money as everything is cheap in Armenia. In order to know more about the cost of living, we offer you to have a look at some aspects, such as prices of food, transportation, house rentals and so on.

Life in Armenia today: Prices of food in Armenia

Here is a list of some food:

Milk (1 liter) 422.31 AMD  

A loaf of White Bread (500g)  245.33 AMD 

Rice (1kg) 562.31 AMD       

Eggs (12) 785.00 AMD         

Cheese (1kg)  2,141.67 AMD          

Chicken Breasts (1kg) 2,194.29 AMD        

Beef (1kg) 2,932.14 AMD    

Apples (1kg)   514.12 AMD 

Banana (1kg)  762.86 AMD 

Oranges (1kg) 631.54 AMD

Tomato (1kg) 508.53 AMD 

Potato (1kg)   233.33 AMD 

Onion (1kg) 266.92 AMD   

Lettuce (1 head) 145.56 AMD         

Water (1.5-liter bottle although you can drink from a tap) 250.00 AMD           

Wine 2,500.00 AMD

Beer (0.5 liter bottle) 440.00 AMD 

Cigarettes (Marlboro) 600.00 AMD

Living and working in Armenia

Living in Armenia is not very hard when you have a job, as the prices are according to the average salary of the workers. For the tourists, the prices are rather cheap compared to the prices in Europe.

The average salary in Armenia

The average monthly salary without taxes is 189.9 thousand drams. The average salary of the private sector workers is nearly 226.4 thousand drams, and the employees of the state system - 159.5 thousand drams. The highest salary is by specialists in finance, information, and telecommunication technologies workers.

Yerevan Public Transport Prices: Transportation

We represent to your attention the prices of the public transportation.

Public Transport one-way ticket 100.00 AMD 

Taxi Starts 600.00 AMD      

Taxi 1km 100.00 AMD        

Metro one-way ticket 100.00 AMD

Car Rental 40.000 AMD

It is not so difficult to live in Armenia on a low salary of European citizens, as the prices are low in Armenia compared to the ones in Europe. So hurry up to visit Armenia and have a good time at low prices.

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