Festival of Comedy Club Yerevan 2018 - The first Humour Fest

Festival of Comedy Club in Yerevan, Armenia 2018

Comedy Club festival is an amazing event of humour and it is going to take place in Armenia, Yerevan for the first time!

Comedy Club Festival

Each Comedy Club festival is an event that becomes a story. Residents already arranged a week of high humour in Jurmala, during the "Formula-1" in Sochi, and this time they come to Yerevan. In the days of celebrating the 2800th anniversary of the city, they are coming to Armenia, Yerevan!

Comedy Club Festival in Armenia: Who comes?

Everyone comes: Pavel Volya, Garik Martirosyan, Garik Kharlamov, Timur Batrutdinov, Demis Karibidis, Andrei Skorokhod, Mikhail Galustyan, Alexander Revva, Zurab Matua, Andrei Averin, Dmitry Lyusyok Sorokin, Marina Kravets, the trio "Smirnov, Ivanov, Sobolev", Zhenya Sinyakov, Dmitry Grachev and even a USB group whose activities are banned in the territory of the Russian Federation and for people with a good musical taste.

Festival of Comedy Club in Yerevan 2018

Comedy Club festivals have a wide geography, but this autumn we will be making new releases for the first time in Armenia. According to tradition, there will be many stars in the number of guests.

Comedy Club Festival Dates

This year, in 2018 on September 15 and 16, the capital of Armenia Yerevan will turn into the capital of humour: the city will host the Comedy Club Festival for the first time.

Yerevan City Guide by Comedy Club

For the guests of the event, the Comedy Club created a special Yerevan City guide.

For those who like to eat

"I speak out for all the lovers to eat deliciously! Go to the square of Charles Aznavour, and after that," slowly "move towards Proshyan and Paronyan streets. There you will find an excellent Khorovats (barbecue)! It's not a football player of the Croatian national team, it's a shish kebab in Armenian! "I'll be somewhere out there!", advises Garik Kharlamov.

For those who want to return home with a series of pictures against the backdrop of the sights and crowds of people

"There are several things that must be done in Yerevan - to climb to the top of the Grand Cascade, from which one of the best views to Ararat opens, go down to the ravine of the Hrazdan River, and when the forces run out and the phone runs out, go to another Ararat. Not every day you can see how they make a real Armenian cognac, "- recommends Sergei Gorelikov.

For those who are alone

"If you are a girl, the doors of my dressing room are always open to you! If you are a guy, go straight to the Daboo bar! You can poke a finger into any drink from the menu without hesitation - with the choice you will not be mistaken.

After you treat her casually mention that you have tickets for the shooting of the Comedy Club. Try, after that your rating in her eyes will immediately raise, "jokes Timur Batrutdinov.

For those who like shopping

"It does not matter what you plan to do with your suitcase - pendants with a pomegranate, magnets with Ararat, antiques or a pair of carpets. In any case, go to Vernissage where you can and should bargain.

Be confident and show your business talent! Do not dress on the market as to the royal wedding: your gold jewellery, an expensive bag and an ermine cloak will cause not only an unrestrained "ugh!" from the seller but also a possible desire to make a bigger markup and a smaller discount, "- says Marina Kravets.

Come to Armenia, and let’s visit the first humour festival in Armenia together.

Gardman Tour, 24.07.2018