Gata Festival in Armenia 2018


Gata is one of the tastiest sweet bread in Armenia. The technology of Gata preparation has changed over the centuries and today Armenia is ready to represent the best sweet bread in the world.

Armenian Gata

Armenian sweet bread Gata is considered to be a coffee cake. There are many types of Gata and each town or region has its own version of Gata preparation. Even the shape, size, decoration and the filling are different. 

The history of Gata

A long time ago, Armenian women used to make Gata in a tonir (it is a kind of oven under the ground). Today Gata is baked in the oven. Gata is often baked for the feast of Candlemas (Tiarnyndaraj in Armenian).

Gata Festival Armenia

Gata is so popular in Armenia that it even has its own festival here. During this festival, people from all over Armenia represent their type of Gata and visitors taste and appreciate the taste of each piece of sweet bread.

Gata Festival in Armenia 2018

The largest Gata in the world will be prepared during the festival. This year, in 2018 Gata Festival is going to take place:
Date: September 22
City: Noravank Monastery 
Location: Haik village, Vaitsdzor Province

If you are a lover of tasty sweets, then this festival is going to give you unforgettable and tasty memories!  Hurry to join us!

Gardman Tour, 17.08.2018