Halloween Celebration in Armenia, Yerevan


Halloween in Armenia is a very popular festival. People put on their clothing (it does not matter whether it is a scary dress or an ordinary dress) and come out to the Yerevan city centre to celebrate Halloween! 

Halloween celebration in the whole world

Halloween is based on ancient traditions of the Celts of Ireland and Scotland. They celebrate it on the eve of All Saints Day on October 31. Halloween is traditionally celebrated in English-speaking countries, but it's not a public holiday.

Halloween symbols

Most of the symbols have a long history. For example, the tradition of making light candles has come from the Celtic tradition of producing lamps, according to which the souls of the tradition found a way of purification.

In Scotland, the symbol of Halloween was a turnip, but in North America, it quickly replaced the pumpkin as cheaper and affordable vegetables. 

For the first time, wearing masquerade dresses for Halloween was registered in Scotland in 1895, when the kids walked around and asked for candies, cakes, fruits and money.

Halloween in Armenia

There are different opinions about Halloween celebration in Armenia. Some people think that Halloween is not suitable to celebrate in a country which was the first to accept Christianity as the main religion, whether others are sure that there is nothing evil in celebrating and gathering together on this day!

Halloween in Armenia 2018

Halloween is celebrated in Armenia for several years, mostly young people are organizing parties at Yerevan clubs. This year also Armenian youth will come out to the streets of Yerevan, walk, dance, sing, enjoy themselves and celebrate Halloween as Armenians love celebrating.

Armenians are happy people and they never miss a single chance to gather together and have fun, so even in this foreign holiday, you will feel the Armenian style. Visit Armenia on 31st of October and let’s celebrate Halloween together!

Gardman Tour, 25.10.2018