Harissa Festival in Musaler Armenia


Harissa is one of the Armenian national food and is it so tasty that Armenians have a Harissa Festival dedicated not only to the dish but also going back to Armenian history.

What is Armenian Harissa?

Harissa is a thick porridge made out from a roasted cracked wheat named korkot, chicken or lamb. This dish is too popular in Armenia but it reaches its top during religious days in Armenia for fasting and penance. The process of cooking is too long but it is worth trying. 

Harissa history

There are too many legends about its origin. One of them says that Gregory the Illuminator (an Armenian saint) fed the poor, and once there wasn’t enough sheep so he added wheat. The wheat stuck to the bottom so he cried: "Harekh! Stir it!", thus the dish got its name. 

Harissa in Musaler

Harissa in Musaler has a unique meaning: in 1915 during the Armenian genocide by the Turkish government, Harissa was the dish which helped the Armenians of Musa Ler to survive during the resistance (people of Musaler were fighting for 40 days with no enough food and drink).

Harissa Festival in Musaler Armenia

Harissa Festival is one of the tastiest festivals happening in Armenia. It has become a custom to celebrate the victory of the courageous people of Musaler in 1915 and just tasting the best harissa in the world.

Harissa Festival in Musaler Armenia 2018

It is an honour for everyone to be present at Harissa Festival in Musaler as the people living there are too brave, real Armenian men with real power. This year in 2018, the festival is going to take place on September 15 at Musaler, Armavir Province.

Visit Armenia, let’s go to Musaler and enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of the legendary place and taste the tastiest Harissa in the world.

Gardman Tour, 09.08.2018