Historical places in Armenia. What to see?

Armenia is a country with an ancient history, located in a very picturesque area.

There are a lot of historical places in Armenia that have retained their uniqueness. Armenia was the first to adopt Christianity, therefore, there are many ancient monasteries in Armenia. The great culture of the state of Urartu is still a mystery and awe of scholars. The thousand-year observatory, mountain villages, where houses were built a couple of hundred years ago, the ruins of fortresses, historical monuments can be seen in Armenia. So let’s find out historical places in Armenia. What to see in the land of Noah? 

Famous landmarks of Armenia

Sanahin Monastery

Sanahin was built in the tenth century. This famous Armenian monastery is included in the UNESCO list. Sanahin Monastery is known for its original architecture and rich history. The harmoniously established architectural ensemble of Sanahin includes a cathedral with the remains of a mural, several groups of sculptural images, a chapel, a church, a tomb, as well as an original arched bridge adorned with figures of wild cats.

Erebuni fortress

If you want to see how the capital of Armenia looked 2700 years ago and to get acquainted with the history of Armenia, be sure to make a visit to one of the mysterious historical places of Armenia: the Erebuni fortress. Erebuni was the first serious defensive structure in the country and it still keeps a lot of mysteries. Archeologists continue to find unique artifacts here. The fortress itself, located in the valley of Ararat, looks very beautiful.

Temple of Garni

The unusual temple of Garni is called “Armenian Parthenon”. It’s one of the famous landmarks of Armenia. The temple of Garni really looks antique. It seems that it was somehow miraculously transferred to Armenia from ancient Greece. Temple of Garni has slender columns, porticos, magnificent mosaics. The temple was used by the Armenian kings as a summer residence. It was carefully restored after the earthquake and now interesting events are regularly held in Garni.

Yerevan Cascade

Cascade occupies the status of the main historical monument of Armenia. Therefore, to visit the capital of Armenia and not to see this man-made miracle will be a big omission. Yerevan Cascade is artistically decorated with sculptures, stairs, fountains and flower gardens. It is located on the slopes of the Kanaker hills. Cascade is a real gem of the city. There is a wonderful view of the whole city from the top of the Yerevan Cascade.


Tsitsernakaberd is a memorial complex dedicated to the Armenian Genocide in the early twentieth century. Tsitsernakaberd includes a 44-meter stele, a cone-shaped pedestal with a burning eternal flame, a wall of mourning and the Museum of Armenian Genocide. The stele is split, which symbolizes the separation of the Armenian people, who live in the diaspora precisely because of the genocide. Tsitsernakaberd is beautiful, memorable and a little sad historical place in Armenia.

Thus, we have introduced interesting and spectacular historical places in Armenia. Which one interests you most?