Honey and Berry Festival Armenia 2018

Honey and Berry Festival Armenia 2018 - Honey Armenia

Armenian Festivals are amazing events in the life of not only Armenians but also in the lives of tourists. They admire every inch, every activity of the festivals.

About Honey and Berry Festival

Honey and berry festival is an annual festival which aims at showing the richness of the community to the world, emphasizing its importance as a centre of honey and berry production.

Activities of the festival

During the festival, you have a great chance to taste and buy locally produced honey as well as the selection of the best honey and berry food products. During the festival, you can listen to songs, watch dances or participate in dances, buy handicrafts made by artists and so on.

Dates and place of Honey and Berry Festival 2018

This year, in 2018 Honey and Berry annual festival takes place on the 13th of August. The place of the festival is Berd, Tavush region the homeland of Armenian best honey.

Tours to Honey and Berry Festival

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Gardman Tour, 06.07.2018