10 Interesting facts about Armenians


Psychologists usually refer to national characteristics as common features among representatives of a nation, which were formed as a result of the centuries-old history of a people’s development. 

From their ancient ancestors, Armenians inherited hard work and craftsmanship. Therefore, Armenians have long been famous for being excellent doctors, architects, farmers, jewellers. 

Also, it is quite interesting to learn about bright emotionality of Armenians, through which they express both joy and delight, anger and outrage.
However, in addition to these well-known distinctive features, which can be found in their homeland, when faced with visiting Armenians, there are others that you can see only by visiting this sunny country.

1. Coffee

Coffee is coffee everywhere, and in every country, the attitude towards it is the same. We all get up, go to wash, and then go half-awake to the kitchen and reach for the shelf with coffee. And morning coffee is responsible for the mood of the whole day. 

However, for Armenians, coffee is more than the usual means of waking up. So that you understand the importance of coffee in Armenia, you just have to visit the Armenian family.

The first thing you will be offered is fresh, hot, black coffee before eating. And one more cup will be offered after you are well fed with delicious homemade food.

2. “Merci”

If you do not know a word in Armenian, but came to visit Armenia after France, you will understand one sentence. You may even have a microshock because you hardly expected to hear the word “Merci” in Armenia. And not once, not twice, and not even three times, but everywhere! 

The fact is that in Armenia instead of the thank-you word “shnorakalutyun” they often say simple and short “merci”. So, if you suddenly visit Armenia, you may not even feel the difference! 

3. Pay for a friend on a bus

If in Armenia there are acquaintances in a bus or a minibus, then the one who comes out earlier pays for the acquaintance.

4. Give place to the elderly and females in a bus

Also, it is a tradition for Armenians to give their place on a bus or a minibus to elderly or females, or people with children. 

5. Kiss children

Walking along the streets of the whole country, you may first be alerted by the attitude of the locals towards children. In Armenia there is the real cult of children, they love them very much. So strangers can come up, talk to your baby, play - in Armenia, it is considered normal. Do not be afraid!

6. Can invite you to their home

If during your vacation in Armenia you meet and get acquainted with the locals, then, after talking to you and being sure of your sincerity, the first thing you will be offered here is to visit their house, where you will be treated with the variety of the most delicious local cuisine. This is where you will understand why Armenia is considered to be one of the most hospitable countries in the world!

7. "Jan"

As we have already mentioned, the first word that will seem familiar to you is the word “merci”. However, there is a reverse situation - when you speak English, but a word that you don’t know speaks through. This word is "Jan"! “Jan” is a way to address someone in a soft and loving form, which means a positive disposition towards a person. "Jan" is one of the most often used words in the sense of "dear", "cute". So, if you are approached by “brother Jan, Ann Jan, John Jan”, then you should know - they treat you with warmth and respect!

8. Respect for women

An Armenian woman in an Armenian family - whether mother, wife, sister or daughter - is a man’s honour. Women are treated with special respect here, so they will give you a place in the bus, take you home, help you carry heavy packages, pay for you in a restaurant, bus, taxi (even if they are not coming with you).

9. Hi brother!

Arriving in Armenia, it may seem to you that here you have found a countless number of your lost brothers. After all, here every second man will call you brother, even if you are not familiar yet. Armenians are friendly people, although if it comes to anger, they are unable to slow down. However, here they prefer to resolve all issues peacefully (Armenian Velvet Revolution is the greatest proof for it), therefore, turning to unfamiliar men as brothers, they minimize the occurrence of conflict situations.

10. The manner of greeting

Here you will also have time to notice that men greet very warmly, make a friendly kiss on the cheek or touch the cheek to the cheek. Indeed, in Armenia, all men are brothers, and unfamiliar young women are sisters. Such fraternal people are Armenians.

Arriving in Armenia, you will definitely meet all these features and fall in love with Armenia and Armenians precisely because of these small differences.

Welcome to Armenia! Take our classical tour to Armenia!

Gardman Tour, 17.04.2019