Is the water safe to drink in Yerevan?

Drinking tap water in Armenia

Armenian water is both tasty and safe to drink. You can open the tap and drink the water, so the tourists do not have to spend money on buying water. You can even find many fountains for drinking water in the streets of Armenian cities and villages.

Armenia tap water

Tap water in Armenia is very tasty and there is no need to buy bottled water from the shops as you can just open the tap and drink the water. In Yerevan, you will have tap water 24 hours a day.

Armenian bottled water

Armenia has a great amount of bottled mineral water and a great number of companies serving water to the country. The best-known companies of bottled water are

  • Jermuk Group
  • Arzni Group
  • Aparan Spring Water
  • Bjni and Noy
  • Garni Crystalline
  • Dilijan Frolova Mineral Water Factory
  • Aparan Spring Water

Armenia water quality

Armenian water is of the highest quality: nearly all citizens of the country have access to adequate drinking water. There is no problem with drinking water as you can find water even in the streets. The taste of the water is fantastic as it comes from the highest mountains.

Water in Armenia: Pulpulak

One of the Armenian phenomena is Armenian drinking fountains named Pulpulak. These amazing sculptures are admiration to the eyes and satisfaction to those who are thirsty. Below you will find an answer to the most frequently asked question about Pulpulak.

How to drink water from a water fountain?

Just bend and drink water without putting your mouth on the spigot or any other fountain surface. The water in Pulpulak is always running so there is no need to worry about contracting germs while drinking. Just enjoy the free water.

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