Things to do in Jermuk Armenia

Things to do in Jermuk Armenia

Jermuk Armenia

Armenia is full of wonders and one of these wonderful places is Jermuk. Jermuk is famous for being a mountainous spa town with curing hot and cold waters. It is situated in Vayots Dzor Province 53 km east of Yeghegnadzor. It was the best place for medical tourism.

Things to do in Jermuk Armenia

While being in Jermuk you can visit:

  1. Jermuk Waterfall

  2. Jermuk Gratefully Statue

  3. Gndevank Monastery

  4. Israel Ori Statue

  5. Cable Car

  6. Arpa River

  7. Hot Springs

  8. Jermuk Deer Monument

  9. Dolphin Lake

Jermuk Armenia hotels

  • Hyatt Place Jermuk

Address: 5, 7 Shahumyan Street, Jermuk 3701

  • Nairi Hotel

Address: 7/1 Myasnikyan Street, Jermuk 3701

  • Armenia Wellness & SPA Hotel, Jermuk

Address: 2 Myasnikyan Street, Jermuk 3701

  • Hotel Ani

Address: 26 Shahumyan St, Jermuk 3701

  • Central

Address: 12 Shahumyan Street, Jermuk 3701

  • Jermuk Ashkharh Health Center

Address: 20 Shahumyan Street, Jermuk 3701

  • Verona Resort

Address: Shaumyan Street 9/1, Jermuk 3701

  • Vayk Hotel & Tourism Information Center

Address: 10a Jermuk Highway, Vayk 3801

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Jermuk Armenia weather

Here is the average temperature for each month:

Month                         Average high temp.                        Average low temp.

January                       -7°C                                                         -16°C

February                     -6°C                                                          -15°C

March                          0°C                                                          -9°C

April                             8°C                                                         -3°C

May                             13°C                                                         1°C

June                            18°C                                                         5°C

July                             23°C                                                        9°C

August                        23°C                                                        9°C

September                   18°C                                                       4°C

October                       10°C                                                       -2°C

November                   3°C                                                         -7°C

December                   -4°C                                                       -12°C

Jermuk Armenia map

Jermuk is located in Vayots Dzor Province at the south of Armenia, at a road distance of 53 km east of the provincial capital Yeghegnadzor. The town is situated at a height of 2080 meters above sea level.

Jermuk Armenia spa

As Jermuk is also a spa town where you will find many spa resorts such as:

  • Jermuk Ararat Health SPA

Address: Shahumyan 18, 3701 Jermuk, Armenia

  • Olympia Sanatorium

Address: 16 Shahumyan Street, Jermuk 3701

  • Armenia Wellness & SPA, Jermuk

Address: 2 Myasnikyan Street, Jermuk 3701

Some of the above-mentioned hotels also have spa centre.

Visit Jermuk and both have a good time and restore your health.

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