Karahunj - Armenian Stonehenge


Karahunj (Zorats Karer) is a lot like the famous Stonehenge although it is much older (nearly 3500 years) than the Stonehenge itself. Let’s learn more about this mysterious place in Armenia.

Karahunj of Armenia

200 km from Yerevan, near the town of Sisian, there is a prehistoric monument, consisting of hundreds of vertically set large stones with the holes in the upper part. 

It is located on a mountain plateau at an altitude of 1,770 m above the sea level and occupies an area of more than 7 hectares on the left bank of the gorge of river Dar.

Karahunj history

The purpose of the memorial is the most controversial. Some researchers believe that in the mystical territory of Zorats Karer (Mighty stones) in the III-II millennia BC there was a rounded sanctuary, in the centre of which there was a large dolmen, that is, a burial mound with stone walls and a roof.

Karahunj observatory

Others believe that the monument is much older: its history goes back to the 5th millennium BC. In this area, there was an observatory. The area surrounded by high mountains is really amazing. In an area of seven hectares around 300 vertical monoliths are installed in a circle.

The height of some exceeds two meters. The architecture of megaliths forms two rings of different diameter. The central small ellipse of the monument (45 by 36 meters) consists of 40 stones.

The main conclusions - the monument had a triple purpose:

a) the temple of the AR (Sun) of the main God of the ancient Armenians and his "secretary" of Tyr - the patron of science and writing;

b) an extensive and highly developed observatory equipped with stone instruments which allowed measurements to be made with an accuracy of up to 30 seconds of arc (or 2 seconds of time);

c) university. The monument was built over 7,500 years ago (ie, 3,500 years before Stonehenge) and operated for 5,500 years. There is a need for further careful studies of the monument by different specialists.

Visit Armenia, visit Armenian Stonehenge Karahunj, feel the mystery of Armenia!

Gardman Tour, 04.12.2018