Lake Sevan: Hotels and Facts

Lake Sevan Armenia: Must attend places in Armenia

Lake Sevan is the pearl of Armenia and it is so big that people often call it the sea of Armenia. This article has many interesting details about Lake Sevan, Sevan church, history of the lake, fishing, beaches, hotels and so on.

Lake Sevan Church: Sevanavank

Sevan church usually called Sevanavank is a monastic complex situated at the northwestern shore of Lake Sevan in the Gegharkunik Province of Armenia, near the town of Sevan. The monastery was built in 874 by Princess Mariam, who was the daughter of the king Ashot.

Lake Sevan Facts

Here are some facts about lake Sevan.

  • It is one of the largest freshwater alpine lakes in Eurasia.
  • It is situated at an altitude of 1,900m above sea level.
  • It occupies 1⁄6 of Armenia's territory.
  • It provides 90% of fish to Armenians.
  • It is a national value in Armenia.

Lake Sevan History

Some people say that the name “Sevan” came from the name of the monastery Sevanavank, which was constructed with the black stone called tuff, although today scientists prove that the lake itself is older than the monastery. Lake Sevan is considered to have a tectonic origin.

Lake Sevan fish

Sevan trout is one of the species of the lake, but now it is in danger because of some factors such as common whitefish, goldfish and crayfish. It is surprising but the Sevan trout is likely to become extinct in its own "land" lake and measures should be taken.

Lake Sevan public beaches

There are nearly 11 public lakeside beaches which are free for everyone, three of which offer additional free-of-charge services such as lounge chairs and umbrellas, medical aid, ports and playing grounds, as well as rescue services. Besides that, you can find also private areas.

Lake Sevan weather

Here you can find some information about the weather in Sevan.

Months           Degree

January           -3.5°C 

February         -1.0°C 

March              5.8°C  

April                12.7°C

May                 17.5°C

June                21.9°C

July                 26.0°C

August            25.2°C

September     20.7°C

October          13.2°C

November      6.5°C

December       0.2°C

Lake Sevan hotels

Here are the best hotels in Sevan near the lake.

  • Harsnaqar Hotel

Address: Tsamakaberd, Sevan, RA

  • Noy Land Resort

Address: Gegharkunik Region, Sevan- Gavar Highway, Sevan 1514

  • Best Western Bohemian Resort

Address: Near Peninsula Sevanavanq Sevan Lake, Sevan 0001

  • Blue Sevan Resort

Address: Tsovagyugh-Shorzha Road Section, Sevan, RA

  • Tsovasar Resort Sevan

Address: 9 Norashen, Sevan, RA

Come to Armenia, visit the pearl of Armenia lake Sevan and you will in love with this country.

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