Machanents Tun Tourism and Art Center in Etchmiadzin


Machanents Tun is one of the most popular and favourite place in Etchmiadzin. It is the combination of the culture, tourism, art, amazing nature and so on. Let’s learn more about this heavenly place.

"Tourism is the science of the nations’ cultures’ communication".
 G. Machanents

These are the holy words which were the base for the birth of Machanents Tourism and art centre. Many people from all over the world visit this heavenly spot to enjoy themselves after the craziest routine of the daily life, tourists like to admire the fantastic culture and the artworks. 

Machanents Tun has become the “roundtable” where people of all nations meet and share their culture and art, others have the greatest opportunity to admire these very artworks.

Machanents tourism and art social enterprise services

Machanents tourism and art centre offers you:
•    Green Hospitability
•    Guesthouse
•    Cultural entertainment
•    9 Galleries
•    Museums
•    Master Classes 
•    Armenian cuisine
•    Souvenir shop
•    Wine degustation

The origin of the name “Machanents”

The name “Machanents’ came from the Khoy dialect’s expression “mach-pach”, which is the synonym to the word “kiss”. Grigor Machanents Babakhanyan once said: "My grandfather was a person who loved to kiss everyone, so he was called Machanents. He had four wives, 14 lovers".

Machanents Tun location

Machanents Tun is situated in a cosy corner of Cherry Tree’s street of the holy capital of Armenia Echmiadzin. It was found in 2013 by “Cross of Armenian Unity” NGO. 

Machanents Tun goal

The goal of “Machanents Tourism and art” social enterprise is to ensure CAU’s financial complacency. The profit of the services is given to the charitable programs of “Cross Armenian Unity” NGO.

Machanents Tun guests

Tourists from all over the world visit Machanents Tun and admire the atmosphere and the high-quality service. Locals also love this unique spot. The most popular guest of Machanents Tun was the Armenian Prime Minister, the leader of the Armenian Velvet Revolution, Nikol Pashinyan.

Visit Armenia, visit Machanents Tun with Gardman Tour, and let’s discover hidden Armenia together.

Gardman Tour, 08.10.2018