May 9, Armenians celebrate three holidays at once


Residents of Armenia and the numerous Armenian diaspora celebrate public holiday May 9 not only as of the victory in World War II but also as the day of the liberation of Shushi and the formation of the Defense Army.

The Armenian people who survived the genocide have repeatedly shown their courage to the world. And Victory Day has become a real triple holiday of Armenian strength.

Victory Day in Armenia

First of all, as in many countries of the former Soviet Union, Armenia celebrates victory in World War II. About 600 thousand sons of the Armenian people fought on the battlefield against the fascists: about 300 thousand from Armenia, another 200 thousand from other former Soviet republics, another 100 thousand Armenian diasporas fought as part of the allied forces. About 300 thousand of them died in the battles.

Shushi Liberation day in Armenia

The heirs of the great victory continued the glorious traditions of their fathers and grandfathers, showing no less heroism during the years of the Karabakh war. It is on May 9 that the liberation of Shushi is marked. Besides that, the formation of the Army of Defense is also celebrated on this day.

The operation to liberate the city was called "Wedding in the Mountains" and was unique from the point of view of military science.

The operation was named so by the then Minister of Defense of Armenia Vazgen Sargsyan. When the commanders who led the operation presented a battle plan for the capture of the city, Sargsyan said that the plan of the military responsible for the operation could not be realized - it seemed too impudent. Then he declared that if the plan could be realized, then after the capture of the city, he would certainly marry. By the way, the minister remained a bachelor until the end of his days.

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Gardman Tour, 03.05.2019