Mulberry Festival 2018 [The best festivals in Armenia]

Mulberry Festival Armenia 2018 [Must attend festivals in Armenia]

Mulberry Festival in Armenia will take place on the 7th of July, 2018. Hurry to know more about the history of the festival, the place where it is held, the events which are going to take place during the mulberry festival Armenia 2018.

Mulberry Festival: The history

In 2014, July 26 “Areni Festival” organization started the “Mulberry festival”, which took place at fantastic Goris. The guests had a chance to have a look at the preparation of mulberry alcohol drink named “Oghi”.

Mulberry Festival in Goris 

In 2017 an amazing festival named “Mulberry Festival in Goris” took place in Qarahunj village, 4 km far from Goris.  Mulberry festival is an annual event and in general, it takes place in Goris or near the city.

Mulberry Festival Armenia 2018

The festival will start with mulberry gathering. The guests of the festival will have a great chance to see how “doshab” is made (doshab is a sweet syrup often used as a medicine), how a drink named “Oghi” is made out of mulberries.

If you want to feel the breath of Armenian culture and traditions, feel free to attend one of the Armenian festivals 2018.

Gardman Tour, 11.06.2018