New Year dishes in Armenia - New Year in Armenia


New Year celebration in Armenia lasts for 13 days - up to and including the old New Year of Armenia. Armenian New Year is full of various symbols, traditions, customs, and traditional Armenian New Year dishes are among the elements of traditions and customs.

Armenian New Year Dishes

Modern Armenian New Year table suggests a certain set of snacks and hot dishes, sweets and fruits.

Armenian New Year Pork

Armenian cuisine has always been attractive by a variety of meat dishes. In recent years, the main dishes on the New Year table have become pork ham filled with various spices - garlic, allspice, ground hot black and red pepper, as well as turkey baked in the oven with apples, stuffed with nuts and other dried fruits.

Armenian Kyufta Recipe

Must-have hot dishes of traditional Armenian New Year Table are dolma (cabbage rolls in grape leaves) and kyufta. 

If many people know about Armenian dolma, then kyufta is a specific dish. Steamed beef should be cleaned of fat and beat with a wooden hammer to obtain a pasty mass. Add salt and pepper and continue to beat until it turns white.

Then put the mass into a wide plate, pour in the vodka and continue to beat until it becomes slightly thin. Add an egg, flour and finely chopped onion, mix thoroughly and beat again until the mass becomes homogeneous.

Boil water in a large saucepan, make balls of large diameter from the resulting mass and boil them for 40-50 minutes until they are ready. Serve hot kyufta with melted butter.

Basturma and Sudjukh

The most favourite cold meat dishes on the Armenian New Year table are basturma and sudjukh. Basturma is a piece of beef, salted, pressed, covered with a layer of sharp dressing called chaman and air dried. Sujukh is made of seasoned ground beef, dried in the air. Both basturma and sudjukh are served on the table very thinly sliced.

Armenian New Year sweets

According to tradition, there should be at least five to seven kinds of sweets on the Armenian New Year table. These sweets are paklava, kozinakh (boiled honey with roasted walnuts), Armenian snickers – Sweet Sudjukh, various dried fruit, chocolate and Gata, made from various types of dough.
Armenian New Year table is empty without Armenian cognac and wine.

The symbols of the New Year in Armenia are the same as in many other countries - an elegant Christmas tree and Dzmer Papi (Santa Clause). In addition, everyone is trying to decorate houses with figures symbolizing the coming New Year according to the eastern calendar.

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