Planning a trip to Armenia - Travel to Armenia


Armenia is a land full of magic and wonders. Here is so much to see and do! Planning a trip to Armenia is a must, so here is all the information to know before you visit Armenia.

Is it safe to travel to Armenia now?

Today Armenia is living its dream, as the Armenian Velvet Revolution won! Armenians got rid of bribes and oligarchy thanks to the new Prime Minister of Armenia Nikol Pashinayn.

Is Armenia a good place to visit?

Armenia is situated in the middle of Asia and Europe so it bears the culture of two continents. It is too interesting in Armenia to see the mixture of the architecture of old and new. Having a long history, Armenia suffered a lot to gain independence. And now Armenians live in new Armenia full of love.

Is Armenia safe from ISIS?

There has never been an act of terror in Armenia, and even the Armenian Velvet Revolution was peaceful: not a single death during the protests. People were embracing the policemen as Armenian will never kill an Armenian.

Armenia travel agency

While choosing a travel agency in Armenia make sure to learn more about the agency, its staff, history and the year it was opened. There are various travel agencies in Armenia but Gardman Tour is among the best agencies.

Travel to Armenia

If you plan to travel to Armenia, then be ready to gather more information about this amazing country, its capital city Yerevan and other sightseeing. Armenia is always ready to welcome all the guests from all over the world.

So make sure to visit Armenia and let’s discover the hidden beauty of this fairy tale.

Gardman Tour, 30.10.2018