Sevan Summer Sprint Vol. 1 Festival Armenia


Lake Sevan is one of the attractions of Armenia. It has the power to make people want to come back again and again. Lake Sevan is so big that Armenians used to call it sea Sevan. There are many festivals held in Sevan and here is one of the most interesting festivals for youngsters and music lovers.

Sevan Summer Sprint

"Sevan Summer Sprint" is an annual event, one of the coolest events for which the youth has been waiting for so long. Sevan Summer Sprint gathers Armenian megastars in Sevan and the amazing party starts.

Sevan Summer Sprint Participants

The exhilarating and thrilling party starts with the participation of such megastars as the reggae music band “The Reincarnation”, Armenian RAP god Misho, the most favourite Dj Serjo and popular rapper Feliks Khachatryan. Crazy rhythms, great lighting effects and the colourful show will make your day!

Sevan Summer Sprint Vol. 1

Sevan Summer Sprint Vol. 1 starts in 2018, on August 11 at 9 AM. Lake Sevan is waiting for the megastars and for you! Give your positive emotions and get not only unforgettable memories but also win different expensive and valuable prizes, and even a sports motorcycle.

Only adults who are 18 years or older can participate.

For the tickets hurry to call!

Gardman Tour, 10.08.2018