Spectacular Mount Aragats. Camping in crater of mount!

The geographical region of Western Asia, or rather its northern part, is the location of an interesting country - Armenia.

Mountains and extinct volcanoes for Armenia are not exotic, but the usual landscape. Although how can you call such beauty ordinary? It attracts and fascinates, revealing more and more new facets. Armenia is a wonderful place for lovers of outdoor activities, hiking, trekking, and camping with startling mountain landscapes, unique climate, and distinctive culture.

4 peaks of Mount Aragats

The highest mount in Armenia is Aragats (4090 m). Around the crater of irregular shape, 4 peaks rise like the petals of a giant flower: the northern one - 4090m, the western - 4080m, the eastern - 3916m, the southern - 3879m. Mount Aragats is also known for its lake - Kari, lying at an altitude of 3250m. Up to a height of just over 3000 meters, Aragats has been inhabited by humans since prehistoric times. Cultural monuments from different eras are preserved on its slopes.
Aragats is a stratovolcano having the shape of a cone and consisting of a heap of numerous layers of hardened lava. The volcano has not been active for a long time and most likely will never wake up again.

4 peaks of Mount Aragats around a deep volcanic crater represent an incredibly beautiful natural ensemble. Armenia, whose mountains are not considered too difficult for mountaineering, attracts many lovers of heights. However, to conquer the northern, highest peak, training is necessary.

Trained climbers and ordinary lovers of outdoor activities will find something for themselves on Mount Aragats. Although why only mountaineering? You can also make hiking and trekking tours on Mount Aragats.

Climbing Mount Aragats

Our hiking and trekking tours in Armenia commences from the thorp of Aragats and ran along the Gegharot  River. When descending from crater along the Gegharot gorge, trippers will notice 3 waterfalls up to 150 meters high. According to scripture, the “Lamp of the Enlightener” shines here at night, under which Gregory the Illuminator prayed.

The hiking and trekking tours will allow not only to scrutinize Aragats, which is one of the oldest and largest dormant volcanoes in the world but also to derive pleasure from subjugation of not arduous Northern and Western peaks of a marvelous mountain. You can even do camping on Mount Aragats.

Another sought-after route in Armenia, for memorable ventures, traverses Amberd Fortress and guides to Aragats. For trekking, especially if you have professional skills, mounting the southern peak of Mount Aragats will be suitable. The ascent begins with Amberd Fortress (X - XIII centuries) and intersects Lake Kari.

Lake Kari (Stone Lake)

At the top of Aragats, there is a small and very cold lake – Lake Kari. It is located at an altitude of 3200 m, offering a wonderful panorama of the Ararat Valley. Lake Kari is a result of glacial formations. Stone Lake or Lake Kari is very well-known especially among climbers, being a place for camping before climbing uphill.

Amberd Fortress

Moreover, there are man-made monuments on the slopes of Aragats. One of them is Amberd Castle. This old fortress with magnificent history is located at an altitude of more than 2300 m. It's located near the countryside of Byurakan. The castle is ancestral nest of Princes Pahlavuni.

Amberd was built on a cape bounded by cliffs of deep gorges. The main part of the citadel is a church built by Prince Vahram Pahlavuni in 1026.

Following this route, mountain hikers will not only climb the beautiful peak of Aragats but also get acquainted with culture and life of venerable people. They will discern exceptional mediaeval shrines and fortresses.

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