How to spend summer in Armenia


Each season in Armenia has its own unique flavour and taste, and summer in Armenia is not an exception. Days in summer are longer, hotter and lighter due to the topographic features of the country. 

Morning and evening hours are best to get acquainted with Armenia in the summer, while hot days can be used for relaxing near a cool pool. Bring comfortable travel shoes, a camera and sunscreen with you, as summer in Armenia implies both outdoor activities and passive ones near water.

Armenian festivals and events in summer

Interesting festivals and holidays take place in Armenia throughout the year, but in summer there are a lot of them. The events are mainly devoted to Armenian traditions and are associated with the local culture. The weather is perfect for meetings and outdoor activities. Regardless of which month you visit Armenia, you can always find exciting festivals happening throughout the country.

The themes of these festivals really surprise food, wine, ecotourism, sheep shearing and much more! One day you will be able to try a large assortment of cheeses and over 32 different types of local wine in the centre of Yerevan, and the next day you will find yourself at the amateur mountaineers' competition in Vayots Dzor - all this is included in the program of summer festivals.

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Wonderful seasonal food

Armenian cuisine is famous for the presence of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Considering that fresh products play a significant role in traditional Armenian dishes, summer cuisine can offer you a lot.

Do not miss the chance to visit the markets of Armenia and try various freshly picked berries, vegetables and fruits. Despite the fact that in Armenia there is a festival dedicated only to watermelons, the most emblematic and favourite fruit of Armenians is apricot. Do not leave Armenia without tasting Armenian apricots, as the fruit is not only of great cultural and historical importance but is very tasty.

Extreme tourism in Armenia

If you don’t have a relaxed rest by the pool and look forward to new impressions, you’ll be interested to know that Armenia has something to offer you in the frames of extreme tourism. Many people travel to Armenia to enjoy paragliding, hot-air ballooning, mountaineering, zip-line and many others. The fascinating possibilities of extreme rest in the mountains of Armenia are countless. In Armenia, there is not only the longest zip-line in the world but also the only zip-line passing under the bridge!

Connecting with the nature of Armenia

Armenia is notable for the diversity of its climatic zones. Sometimes the climate is cool, and sometimes it is hot. The countryside of Armenia is famous for its wide forests and light summer weather. Those who want to escape from the hot sun are recommended to visit such cities as Dilijan, Ijevan and Jermuk. Comfortable weather will help you focus on the study of ancient historical monuments, monasteries and temples of Armenia.

We are sure that you will get maximum pleasure from the summer holidays spent in Armenia!

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Gardman Tour, 03.04.2019