Enjoy the summer in sunny Armenia

What to do in Armenia in summer 2019

The amazing combination of breathtaking mountain landscapes, monuments of antiquity and Christian shrines, Caucasian hospitality of local residents and the magical aromas of national cuisine make Armenia the perfect place to spend summer 2019 which you will remember for a lifetime. We offer to know what to do in Armenia in summer 2019.

Summer holidays in Armenia: magnificent Lake Sevan

During summer tours in Armenia, you should meet the miracle of Armenia: Lake Sevan. It's a superb and fraught with unfathomable beauty. This glaring sapphirine lake is located high in the mountains. If you decide to spend summer 2019 in Armenia, you'd definitely choose a vacation on Lake Sevan.

Armenia summer months in majestic Gyumri

Gyumri is a city that sacredly honors folk traditions and is perceptible for cordial hospitality. Make a summer trip to the historical district of Kumayri with its preserved authentic and archetypical urban Armenian architecture from the 18th and 19th centuries. Visit the Black Fortress and charming monastery of Marmashen, which is located on the flamboyant bank of the river Akhuryan. Marmashen was built of hewn red tuff and therefore stands out beautifully against the blue sky.

Summer 2019 in Armenia in wondrous Khor Virap

Khor Virap is located at the foot of the most famous mountain of Armenia - Ararat, above the underground prison, which was used in the IV century. The views from the monastery are really amazing. However, its buildings themselves are interesting for their history and decoration. We advise you to visit the underground prison, which have survived to the present day and the Church of Our Lady.

Summer trip 2019 to Geghard Monastery

Geghard is one of the most favorite tourist places in Armenia because of its ancient history and unique architecture. Geghard is located 40 kilometers from Yerevan, in the glorious gorge of the mountain river Goght. The monastery is built on the rocks, many rooms are simply hollowed out inside the cliffs, and the stone walls are adorned with steles and crosses.

Wonderful fortress of Lori

A summer trip 2019 to the remains of the medieval fortress Lori will be a perfect idea for travel lovers. Loriberd was encircled by a grand fortress wall, which is well preserved to this day. Fortress of Lori has a fortress, a city, and a cemetery. An interesting part of Loriberd is almost entirely preserved bath complex: swimming pools, heating system with clay pipes, as well as huge tanks.

Gardman Tour offers what to do in Armenia in summer 2019. Simply we suggested a few options for summer tours in Armenia. So make a choice!