Symphony of stones, Garni gorge


Garni is one of the most favourite tourist spots in Armenia. It is too comfortable to visit Garni as it is situated near Yerevan (some 30-40 minutes from the city centre). Symphony of stones is one of the attractions of Garni.

In the Kotayk region, not far from the village Garni, there is the Azat gorge, which is famous for the “Symphony of Stones” - the result of volcanic flows. The scientific name of this geological formation is columnar separation.

Basalt organ

The symphony is represented by huge hexagonal and pentagonal basalt pillars (almost 50m in height), which by their surprising symmetry seem to be man-made. Nature created the columns hanging over the river, which create the impression of a huge musical instrument - the “Basalt organ”. 
The Azat River flows through the gorge, completing its perfect look with the sound of water.

This place is one of the most popular tourist sites in Armenia. “The Symphony of Stones” of Garni is included in the list of natural monuments and, therefore, is protected by law.

It is interesting to mention that The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) summed up the competition for the best tourist poster “Vettor Giusti”, which is held every two years.

One poster from each country was represented during this competition and the photo of “Symphony of stones” was represented from Armenia and it was chosen later to be represented in the international competition “Vettor Giusti”.

During online voting, where different people from all over the world had a chance to vote, the poster of “Symphony of Stones” presented by Armenia was considered to be the best in Europe.

Visit Armenia and have a great chance to see the natural beauty of Armenia – Symphony of Stones!

Gardman Tour, 07.12.2018