Taraz Festival 2018 - More about Armenian Taraz Festival

Armenian Taraz Festival – Taraz Festival 2018 - Taraz Fest

Taraz is a traditional Armenian clothing, which attracts tourists for decades. Armenian designers show the flow of their imagination through Armenian Taraz, and Taraz Festival is a great way to show the world the pride of Armenia.

Traditional Armenian clothing Taraz

Traditional Armenian clothing has many colours and trims, so you can’t resist the temptation to put it on. Traditional man’s clothing is silk or cotton shirt with low collar and fastener together with wide trousers. Woman’s clothing consists of a long dress with a cut on the chest and below hips.

Armenian clothing history

Armenian national clothing is Taraz. Armenian clothing design has changed through the years. The designers were influenced by Byzantine, Roman, Arabian, Persian designers but they keep their own style at the same time. Taraz was firstly adapted to the climate of Armenia, then it became a question of fashion.

Taraz Festival

Taraz festival was organized to represent Armenian clothing and fashion to the world. It is a great chance for Armenian designers to be noticed and to show their artworks. It has become a custom for Armenians to celebrate Taraz festival.

Taraz Festival 2018 Date

This year, in 2018 Taraz Festival is going to take place on August 4 on North Avenue in downtown Yerevan. The show is going to be too interesting, the 2018 edition of Taraz clothing is going to attract the visitors.

Taraz Festival 2018 program

You will have a chance to see and take photos of Armenian national clothing Taraz, clothing with the elements of Taraz. There are many events during this festival and in the evening you can enjoy the latest artworks of Teryan Cultural Center.

Visit Armenia and discover this holy land with the help of fantastic festivals.

Gardman Tour, 29.06.2018