Taxi App Yerevan [ Best Taxi Apps]

Taxi App Yerevan, Armenia

Online Taxi Yerevan

The most comfortable way of ordering a taxi is the online version. In this article, we are going to name some taxi apps and give you a guide to using them properly.

1. gg taxi Yerevan

This taxi service is the most popular in Armenia as here the service is brilliant, the drivers are neat and the car is clean. After the ride, you can grade the driver and express your opinion concerning the service. Here you can find the download link.

2. Yandex taxi Yerevan

Another popular taxi service in Armenia is Yandex Taxi. It is well-known for its cheap prices. The service is good although a little bit slow. You can find the app link here.

3. Mobi taxi Yerevan

This taxi service is also popular among Armenians. The application is easy to use. You will also find the real photo of the car in this app. The link for this application can be found right here.

4. Ani Plus taxi Yerevan

This application is the most comfortable one but the drivers are not always ready to answer your request. At the end of the ride, you can rate drivers and leave a comment. Here is a link to the app.

5. U taxi Yerevan

This taxi app gives you a chance to invite your friends (no matter passengers or drivers) and get bonuses to use your rides with. The prices are the same as the other taxi services. Find the link of the app here.

If the information was useful, you can share it with your friends and have nice trips with the help of the most popular taxi apps.

Gardman Tour,  27.04.2018