What is the best time to go to Armenia?


When you are planning to visit a country, make sure to learn more about the weather of this country – not to appear in a bad situation. This article will help you to discover the best time to visit Armenia and, in general, weather in Armenia.

Weather in Armenia

Here is the average monthly weather in Armenia:

Month  Jan  Feb  Mar  Apr  May  Jun  Jul    Aug   Sep   Oct   Nov   Dec

High°C  2      5      12     20    25     30    34    34     29     20    12        5

Low°C  -7      -4     0      7      11     15    29     19     13      7      2        -3

Best time to visit Armenia

Armenia is beautiful in every season and it depends on your taste when to visit Armenia. If you like warm weather and want to swim and lay under the Sun, you should visit Armenia starting from the end of May up to the beginning of September.

What is the best time to go to Armenia?

The best time to visit Armenia, when it is not too hot or too cold is the beginning of May, the end of September (watch out for rains). Again the choice of the best time to visit Armenia depends on your taste and wish.

Until when is the snow in Armenia?

The snow in different parts of Armenia ends at different times. If you want to ski, skate and enjoy all the winter sports, you can visit Armenia during the end of December, January and February. By the way, you can have an amazing time at Tsaghkadzor in winter.

What months does it snow in Armenia?

It depends greatly on the year, as in the weather history of Armenia there were times when it snowed too much in winter and in spring too, but in contrast, there were years when it snowed only in January.

Snow season in Armenia

Snow season in Armenia is a wonderful time full of magic. In winter Armenia becomes a fairy tale. Winter Sports lovers can satisfy their urge to ski, skate in Tsaghkadzor Ski resort which offers all kind of opportunities.

Autumn in Armenia

Autumn in Armenia is a time of year full of different fruit and vegetables and colourful leaves on the trees. It is never too hot or too cold in autumn, so if you need peace, autumn in Armenia will help you to relax.

Every season in Armenia is beautiful in its own way and every season has something to offer you. Do not search for the best time to visit Armenia, every time spent in Armenia is the best!

Gardman Tour, 17.08.2018