Travel destinations in Armenia country

Travel destinations in Armenia country

A museum under the blue sky, an amazing place full of ancient monuments, churches, wealthy nature and of course mountains and rocks.

A country which can offer you lots of travel destinations while each of them is amazingly interesting, exciting and is full of adventures and meaningful experiences.

Armenia top 10 travel destinations

1. Garni

2. Geghard

3. Khor Virap

4. Noravank

5. Tatev Monastery

6. Lakes Vishapakar

7. Sevan and Kari

8. Mountains Aragats

9. Ara, Geghama

10. Villages Buzhakan and Kalavan

Armenia country

But it doesn’t mean that the other destinations are less attractive. You can enjoy your trip choosing classical, trekking, off-road and mountain-biking tours or combine all according to your preferences. You will meet hospitable people, learn about the culture of the nation which was the first to adopt Christianity as a state religion.

Armenia will open the doors to an unknown history for you, the doors to another reality. After all, you will find a new world, will be a part of something ancient.

Gardman Tour, 17.11.2016