Travel to Armenia from UK - Travel Advice

Travel to Armenia from UK

Armenia is a fantastic country that always welcomes its visitors.

There are even legends about the Armenian hospitability by which Armenians greet the tourists.

In this article, you will find some important information concerning traveling to Armenia from the UK this year.

Traveling to Armenia from any country you should consider some factors about the country, its safety, visa, must-see places, even festivals, which are held in this country, in order to make your trip unforgettable.

Learn more about all these things.

Do I need a visa to travel from the UK to Armenia? 

Citizens having British and EU passport do not need a tourist visa to visit Armenia. The entrance stamp is valid for 90 days only. Children who come to Armenia with a British passport with parents having Armenian passport will require an Armenian passport to leave Armenia.

Is it safe to travel to Armenia? 

Armenia is a peaceful country and there have been no acts of terror in Armenia. Armenians are hospitable and nice to tourists. Armenian borders are protected and no enemy will dare to enter Armenia. Civil wars have no place in Armenia, as Armenians love to lead a peaceful lifestyle.

Is Armenia safe from ISIS?

Armenia is a modern country and it has no discrimination for any kind of minorities, so you can come to Armenia without any risk of terror. Here you are too protected from any kind of terrors. The policemen are always guarding people in the streets.

Is Armenia safe for tourists?

Tourists are always welcomed. Due to the hospitability of Armenians and their kind hearts, Armenia is considered to be one of the hospitable countries of the world. People of the villages will even ask you to dine in their house for free, as they love to have guests.

Travel to Armenia Yerevan 

Peaceful and strong Armenia is happy to welcome you and make your days unforgettable, and Gardman Tour is ready to organize your craziest tours in any direction you wish. So people welcome to Armenia.

Gardman Tour,  20.04.2018