Vernissage Yerevan: Come to Vernissage

Vernissage Market [Yerevan, Armenia]

Vernissage Yerevan

Yerevan Vernissage is an amazing open-air market. The market represents a fantastic collection of different types of traditional and unique Armenian artworks. It is the best open-air market for tourists as you can find amazing gifts here.

Vernissage flea market

Vernissage is an open-air exhibition-market which was found during the 1980s. Armenian artists started to represent their artworks. There is also another market next to Komitas State Conservatory where Armenian artists show their artworks.

Vernissage Yerevan address

The address is Aram Street Yerevan. Vernissage is situated along Aram and Buzand streets near the connection of the Hanrapetutyun street with the Khanjyan street. It is situated in the centre of Yerevan.

Vernissage Yerevan opening days

In general, Vernissage functions on the weekends but on the other days, it is also open. Here are the hours of opening and closing of Vernissage.


Tuesday          7AM–6PM

Wednesday    7AM–6PM

Thursday        7AM–6PM

Friday             7AM–6PM

Saturday         7AM–6PM

Sunday           7AM–6PM

Monday          7AM–6PM

Vernissage meaning

The name of the art market - exhibition came from the French word vernissage, which means a preview of an art exhibition. Yerevan Vernissage is a fantastic place to buy the best and the most unique things for the people you love.

Visit Vernissage and get to know Armenia through the artworks represented here.

Gardman Tour, 29.05.2018