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About Lastiver

Lastiver is a heavenly place located in Tavush region. Lastiver is home to caves, desert, rivers, waterfalls of different sizes, and amazing nature. Tours to Lastiver are among the best ones chosen by the tourists and the locals. Extreme tour lovers will be satisfied twice.

The beauty of Ijevan

Once you are in Ijevan make sure to visit Lastiver. Nature will surprise you, the air will make you more active and healthy, Lastiver trail will give you unforgettable memories, the two-storey cave will attract you.

Hotels in here

Here we represent to your attention the list of the hotels in Lastiver or near it.

1. Apaga Resort

Address: Yenokavan village, Apaga Resort, 4008 Ijevan, Armenia

2. Diligence Hotel

Address: Sayat Nova Street 69a, Dilijan 3901, Armenia

3. Tufenkian Old Dilijan Complex

Address: Sharambeyan St.,1, Dilijan 2035, Armenia

4. Hotel Dilijan Resort

Address: Getapnya Street 66, Dilijan 3906, Armenia

5. Best Western Paradise Hotel Dilijan

Address: Kamo Str 156, Dilijan 3904, Armenia

Lastiver Campground

Lastiver is an ideal place for outdoor activities and enjoying the nature. In Lastiver you will find a zip line, horses, hiking and what not can be organized in this fantastic place. You will have a look at magical sculptures, the small tree houses which are adorable.

Lastiver Caves

Lastiver Caves are situated in the valley of the river Khachakhpyur which is situated for about 3 km from Yenokavan. Lastiver Caves are about 2 hours from Yerevan. The way to the cave is full of forests and fantastic nature.

Tour to Lastiver

Tours to Lastiver are organized in Armenia nearly everywhere, but it is a great question about where to find the best tours to Lastiver. Gardman Tour offers you unique tours to a heavenly place called Lastiver.

Trust us your tour to the land where you can both relax and experience unforgettable feelings.

Gardman Tour, 27.06.2018