Visiting Armenia: Some facts about Armenia

Visiting Armenia: Some facts about Armenia

Armenia is a very tourist friendly country and there are many organized sightseeing activities and plenty to see here.

Armenia is considered open-air museum and with its rich history and culture has big potential for visitors. Armenia also is a natural paradise with a mountainous landscape, dense forests, tumbling waterfalls, ancient caves, sweeping gorges and rocky canyons.

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The cities in Armenia are rich with a lot of sightseeing including historical monuments, museums, theatres and art galleries, old and modern architecture and of course with many beautiful cafes, cosy restaurants and markets of national art and crafts.

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Visitors can take complete packages including city tours and excursions in historical and archaeological places including impressive, millennium-old monasteries and fortresses, as well as famous caves and rock carvings of more than 5000 years, events and national festivals, outdoor adventures in the sights with incredible natural beauty.

Despite these above-mentioned sightseeing activities, while visiting Armenia tourists will explore the local hospitality, people traditions and culture and unique national food.