Most beautiful waterfalls in Armenia

Hike these amazing trails to our favourite waterfalls, visiting picturesque valleys, and some of the most fantastic places in Armenia.

Beautiful, fascinate, peaceful. It’s amazing that the simple fall of water from stone can fall up so much beauty and emotion. Armenian’s waterfalls are plentiful, spilling from mountains on creeks and rivers. They range in size, from the towering, enchanting falls of Jermuk and Trchkan, to the smaller cascades at Lastiver Waterfall. Despite their size, they are all rich on beauty, and always worth the journey.

Let’s take a look at the 5 most amazing waterfalls in Armenia.

Jermuk Waterfalls

Jermuk Waterfalls is our favorite hike and adventure to our country. It located in the Vayots Dzor province, the waterfall is a perfect family destination for the adventure lovers. Plan to spend the day hiking the trails near the waterfalls, ranging from short journeys. When you're ready to rest, options range from camping to a more hotel-style mountain-top lodge.
Height:  68 meters
Location: Jermuk town

Shaki Waterfall

It’s one of the most popular hikes and for an excellent reason. It’s filled with scenic beauty, and great views, too. The height of Shaki Waterfall is 18 meters. It boasts stunning views of the hills surrounding the caves and rock niches and is one of the wonders of Armenia. This place is best enjoyed in the summer season.
Height:  18 meters
Location: Sisian town

Trchkan Waterfall

Trchkan Waterfall is situated between the provinces of Shirak and Lori, which is a very scenic area.  It is the biggest waterfall in Armenia.
The history of the name Trchkan is very interesting. The river Chichkan is rich in trout and once fish jumping out of the water. People amazing how the fish jumping above the waterfall and called Trchkan which means “jumping.” Due to its elegance, the fall is also called the "Ice Queen".
Height:  23 meters
Location: border of Shirak and Lori provinces

Kasakh Waterfall

Kasakh Waterfall is the highest in Armenia, it is situated in Aragatsotn region near to the village of Hovhannavan. The waterfall falls from a steep cliff so it’s just as beautiful if you simply want to admire from a distance.  Monastery of Hovhannavank is nearby, situated in the front of the waterfall. The monastery is constructed in the 5th century.
It is a beautiful treasure of nature, where annually visits a lot of tourists and travelers from all over the world.
Height:  70 meters
Location: Aragatsotn Province

Gegharot Waterfall

The waterfall of Gegharot is located in the small village of Aragats, it is one of Armenian's rocky waterfalls. The high of the waterfall is 17 meters. Escape the hustle and bustle, and relax in this beautiful of natural setting. You won’t regret it. Traveling here with your family and friends would be totally worth it.
Height:  17 meters
Location: Aragatsotn region

So now that you know about all the famous waterfalls in Armenia, we hope it won’t be difficult for you to plan a short escapade away from the hustle of the city life. Travel to Armenia with Gardman Tour!