What country should you visit in 2019?

Armenia has one of the oldest civilizations in the world and all the people know about that. The article of the Australian edition of Luxury Travel represented 5 places which tourists should visit in 2019 and the list is headed by Armenia.

“Armenians were the first nation to adopt Christianity. This country produces the world famous brandy, which has been produced since the 12th century,” the article of Luxury Travel says.

Besides above-mentioned factors, the publication notes the spectacular mountain landscapes, amazing monuments – from Christian churches to a pagan temple.

The article also tells about Yerevan - the capital of Armenia. They describe Yerevan as a fantastic city with cosy cafes and wine restaurants where you can enjoy delicious cuisine and wines made out of local grape varieties.

The travel agency OZON.travel ranks Armenia first among foreign countries - this year the demand for it, compared with 2017, increased by 76%. A reduction in the cost of tickets by 12%, as well as relatively inexpensive accommodation and service within the country,  make Armenia a fantastic place to have a rest in any season.

The Economist Recognizes Armenia as "Country of the Year". The Economist named Armenia as the "Country of the Year".

"Our annual" Country of the Year "prize is awarded to not the most influential country or the richest person, or even the most delicious cuisine (sorry, Japan). This award celebrates the progress. “Which country has done the greatest progress in the last 12 months?" the authors begin the article like this.

"It seems that this happened in Armenia. President Serzh Sargsyan tried to extend his term of office and become a super prime minister. Protest actions broke out in the streets. Nikol Pashinyan, a charismatic, bearded former journalist and parliamentarian, has come become a prime minister as a result of a wave of protests against corruption.

His new party received 70 per cent of the vote in snap elections. Putin's man was removed without a single victim. There was no opportunity for Russia to interfere.

Attention: The territorial conflict of Armenia and Azerbaijan has not been solved yet and it can rise again. Nevertheless, this ancient and often poorly-controlled nation in the troubled region has gained the opportunity of democracy and modernization. That is why Armenia has been recognized as "Country of the Year". Congratulations." writes the Economist.

A prominent American businessman, the co-founder of Reddit, Alexis Ohanian, has greeted all Armenians as the Economist British magazine called Armenia the country of the year.

We deserve it, brothers and sisters. You all did it - peacefully and powerfully,” Ohanian wrote on his Facebook page.

Visit Armenia, fall in love with a fantastic world Armenia and come back soon.

Gardman Tour, 20.12.2018