What language is spoken in Yerevan Armenia?

What language is spoken in Yerevan Armenia?

Armenia is a country where people know different languages such as Russian and English but they have their own language – Armenian.

It will not be a problem for a tourist to communicate with the Armenians as they learn Russian and the international language English at schools as compulsory subjects.

Do they speak English in Armenia?

As English is an international language and the best way not to be lost in the foreign country, Armenians, as well as other nations, learn English since childhood. Nearly all the citizens know English and can understand and answer your questions in English.

Do Armenians speak Russian?

Until 1991, Armenia was a part of Soviet Union where the connecting language was Russian, so all the Armenians had to know Russian. Now Armenia is an independent country but at Armenian schools, Russian is a compulsory subject till now. Armenians speak Russian nearly as good as the native speakers.

Which language is spoken in Armenia?

Armenian is the official language of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh. Armenians speak Armenian everywhere, but let's not forget that they also know some languages as well. Summing all the above mentioned up we should say that the most common languages spoken in Armenia are Armenian, Russian and English.

Do Armenians prefer to speak Russian?

Armenians prefer to speak Armenian, but when a tourist asks a question in Russian they are ready to answer in Russian as well. English is also a-must-learn-language as it is an international language and the main way to communicate with non-Armenians.

Where is the Armenian language spoken?

Armenian is spoken in the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh as it is the official language of these two countries. The alphabet is unique, the grammar and the rest are non-repetitive. Armenian is a little bit difficult language so it is not spoken in other countries.

Is Armenian a Slavic language?

Armenian is an Indo-European language and it has no connection with a Slavic language. The creator of the Armenian alphabet is Mesrop Mashtots and he created each letter uniquely. Armenian is the only language, which is considered to be an Indo-European language.

Do not worry if you don't speak a word in Armenian. It is not going to be a problem, as Armenians speak English and Russian as well.

Gardman Tour,  28.04.2018